Microsoft: “Reinventing Search.”

Yesterday, February 7, 2023, Microsoft in a surprise event announced its latest AI offering for its Bing search engine, which incorporates Artificial Intelligence from its now startup partner OpenAI. At its Redmond headquarters, it showcased how the search engine is responsive via complete answers and provides via a chat interface the ability to compose text. This text has the option to set the sound tone as “Professional”, “Casual”, “Enthusiastic”, “Informational” or “Funny”. Also, the output generated text can be formatted as “Paragraph”, “Email”, “Blog Post” or “Ideas”, with a Length selection of the draft of “Short”, “Medium” or “Long”.

Behind this engine is a newer version of the ChatGPT large language model.

The model also has the ability to generate travel plans or summarize large documents. Microsoft also indicated that it will quickly incorporate this ability into its Office Suite of products.

“I think this technology is going to reshape pretty much every software category.” indicated Satya Nadella.

Please read more about this transformational announcement, which is surely more to come from other companies like Google, at Microsoft Blog Announcement

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